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Northern Ireland Assembly Restored 8th May 2007 !Northern Ireland Assembly Restored 8th May 2007 !
Sunday, 13th May 2007

The Northern Ireland Assembly was established as part of the Belfast Agreement and meets in Parliament Buildings. The Assembly is the prime source of authority for all devolved responsibilities and has full legislative and executive authority.

The Northern Ireland Assembly, elected on the 26 November 2003, was dissolved on 30 January 2007. Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly took place on the 7 March 2007. The Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended on the 14 October 2002. The Northern Ireland Assembly was restored on 8 May 2007.

The Northern Ireland (St Andrews Agreement) Act 2006 provided for a Transitional Assembly to take part in preparations for the restoration of devolved government in Northern Ireland in accordance with the St Andrews Agreement. A person who is a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly is also a member of the Transitional Assembly. The Transitional Assembly continued to meet until the Northern Ireland Assembly was restored. Restoration took place on 8 May 2007.

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